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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yum Yum!

This girl got a fudge covered Oreo today for dessert and she really enjoyed it! I don't know how she could have possibly gotten so much chocolate all over her face, but it doesn't surprise me.

Hiding her smile.
She was sliding on the floor. Maybe going for a yoga pose?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hats On to Rachel!

I finally have some picture to share with you. Of course, Rachel loves to be naked or near naked. I still think it is okay and cute, so I let her run around in a diaper sometimes. Usually the diaper will be removed within a few minutes though.

Rachel likes wearing these hats she got for her first birthday. She is too cute, but especially like to wear them backwards. She has trouble getting them on her head, so many times, they just sit on top of her head.

Cool stuff!
Her new bean bag chair! Mom, Lauren, and I spent the day shopping at Target on Saturday. We had some money makers and I need to buy something to absorb the overage. They didn't have a two tiered step stool like I was really looking for, so I thought that this bean bag chair would be great for her new playroom in the new house.

This morning was the first time she really stood in front of the TV engrossed. She is normally not a big TV watcher unless you put her in her high chair and feed her. She watch two Baby Einstein movies and I was busy cleaning the floors! It was great!

Since we are renting our house out to somebody soon hopefully, we decided that the door in our family room needed to be replaced. Matt talked them down at Home Depot to $100 and him and DJ installed it yesterday. Looks much better.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And then there were none

So, I know I have been slacking on blogging, but I am busy and now sick with a cold. It seems that everyone I know has been sick with either a cold or stomach bug the past two weeks. I haven't had a cold in a long time, but I am really grateful for all of the free cold medicine we have. I just got some more today. Rachel doesn't have a runny nose, but a little cough. She now likes to blow her nose straight into her hand if a Kleenex isn't available. Ugh.

Our fish tank got some sort of parasite called ich and we noticed it one night on two of the fish. Well, we started treating the tank the next day and two of them died. A few nights later, Lord Voldemort died. The trigger was doing well and we had treated the tank for about 4 or 5 days straight. Matt gets up the next morning and finds the last fish dead. So, there are no fish left. He put the tank on Craigslist and if he can't sell it on there, it will be at the garage sale on Feb 5 at Lauren's. Frustrating to spend the money and have them all die.

Other news: After I attempted to find space to put Rachel's old toys to make room for her new toys, I told Matt that I wanted to maybe find a bigger house. Well, we started looking about 2 weeks ago and put an offer on one on Friday. It was a nice, new house on an acre in Plant city. I wasn't crazy about the location, but Matt seemed to really like and I like everything else about the house. I started thinking more and more about it after we put in the offer, secretly hoping it wouldn't be accepted. The next night, I told Matt about a house that was for sale that I had driven by and he knew exactly which one I was talking about. We have always both really liked this home. We talked to our agent (she is awesome and up working even at midnight) and we saw the house on Sunday afternoon. We absolutely loved it and put an offer on it immediately. It is a short sale, which can take awhile, but our contract was accepted and we should be closing within a month. The house is a two story, almost 2600 square feet, built in 1988 on .82 acres. It is just a little north and west of our house (only about a 5 minute drive). I can still shop at my favorite Publix (that is important to me), be close to work and family, and the price was awesome! I am really excited about it, but we still need a renter for our house. So, please pray for that.

That is all for now. Rachel is into everything and can be quite the troublemaker. She is too curious and I am hoping this stage is going to end soon. She wears me out, especially when I am sick.