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Friday, January 27, 2012

Blinging It Up

Our week started off rather uneventful and I was getting ready to go to the gym when we noticed that Rachel was getting a fever and she started having some more of her seizure-type episodes that she got about a year and a half ago. We (thankfully) got it on camera and took her to the doctor who was still not committing to calling them febrile seizures, but what she does doesn't seem to fit any textbook description of anything. He recommended we take her back the neurologist again and I am guessing they will do another EEG at some point. We kept her on Tylenol to keep the fever down and the next day she was doing much better and acting fine. The only thing that might have brought on the fever was that her tonsils were enlarged, but she didn't have strep. It is Friday and she seems perfectly normal! Here is a funny picture for you. I found her watching some TV all decked out in accessories, complete with the magic wand.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ouch! (Take Two)

I have been trying to get a few things done around the house and one of them was to fix Rachel's bookshelf. I got it at a garage sale for $2 and it is really cute. It has a giraffe on each end and some cute gender neutral colors for the shelves. One of them had ripped and they were just kind of dingy looking. I went to Jo-Ann's and was overwhelmed by the adorable patterns that I just couldn't pick and solids and prints to alternate, so I ended up this pattern. I love it! It took me (with a little bit of my mom's help) about 3.5 hours total to make. This is a huge increase in speed over my last attempts at sewing. I am very pleased with the outcome and it by no means looks perfect it you look up close. I am definitely learning some things as sew more. Since I just loved the fabric, I decided to make Rachel a new bean bag chair cover. Hers is so dirty and stained, but there is no way to remove the cover and wash it. How stupid for a kid product... It also needs to be restuffed a little so I think I have found a step-by-step instruction that I can understand and follow as to how to make a new cover. Mom's help is definitely needed on this one, but I am really excited to get the stuff and start on it! Matt and I also hung some family pictures upstairs. I am so happy to get them out of my office and onto a wall. I have to buy two more frames and them I can hang some more downstairs too! Matt picked up a short wooden picket fence for free off Craigslist. It needs to be pressure washed and painted, but other than that, in pretty decent shape. We are going to fence in a small area around Rachel's playset. She is pretty good about staying close by, but better safe then sorry, especially where we live.

Rachel's face is healing up pretty good and in a few days, I will begin the vitamin E oil. She decided yesterday to jump from the top of the stairs to me (a couple steps down) and not inform me of her plans. Of course, when she jumps, she always has a huge smile and her teeth caught my upper lip. She was crying so hard and I was busy consoling her that I didn't even realize that I was the only injured one. I put my hand up to feel and it was dripping blood. So I have a slighty puffy lip with a thin cut. Vitamin E oil might be in my future too.

My brother and sister-in-law in the Chicago area had their baby boy on Saturday morning! His name is William Michael (which I really like) and I am really wanting to go see this little guy. It is so weird to not be able to go visit new parents/babies at the hospital because everyone is so close by. Lauren and I are thinking about a retry of a trip this year to St. Louis so maybe a stop is in our future. I am so happy for them!


Monday, January 16, 2012


I am sorry it has been so long, but quite honestly, there has been nothing great to blog about. I started school up again and things are going just fine, as usual. Matt is in a training class for work. We have been having fun doing the same stuff we always do, hanging out with friends and family. We did have a very busy and exciting weekend with Matt's family. Matt's Mom threw Nana a surprise birthday party and had most of her brothers and sisters fly into town to attend. There were about 25 or so people there and it was really fun to be able to meet these people and get to know them. We also spent the afternoon with them after church and are going out to eat tonight. Rachel just loved all of the attention. She did have some extra excitement yesterday when she got bit by a very small dog. There is a picture below, but the dog got her in the cheek and upper lip, but I actually think it looks better today than yesterday. The bruising seems to not be as bad, but I am hoping it will not scar. Good thing our family pictures are done with. She went up to the dog and said, "It's okay Penny, it was an accident." She is so sweet.

I convinced Lauren, Matt, George and maybe even my Dad to run the Gasparilla 5k with me. I have been wanting to lose a few more pounds and running really helped me last year, so I needed something to run for. It is at the beginning of March and should be a lot of fun. I am hoping to continue being able to run and find some races that are a little longer. Maybe someday, I can do a half marathon that I missed out on last year. The knee is doing well so far and I am being very careful to run with good posture and not too fast and too long. Matt and I are planning another cruise and hoping to get some friends to come with us! The rentals are doing good and Matt is still working on the other potential property.

She got this robe for Christmas from Nana and just loves getting into it and being a panda bear after her bath. She is growing up so fast, but I love this age.