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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Progress with the Nursery!

 Rachel has thoroughly enjoyed playing with all of the real baby things (swing, bouncy seat, etc.) and I find all kinds of dolls and stuffed animals strapped in. My pile of things in our room has greatly decreased because I got the closet done and much of it could go on the shelving.
 Rachel likes to play on her swing set, but it is so hot that we don't do it often. Plus, we both are loved by the mosquitoes at any time during the day. She likes to swing on her belly and took a nice front dive off the front soon after this picture was taken. She was crying a lot and I thought it just scared her. Turns out she had grass and dirt all in her teeth and on her face. We went inside to clean up and didn't make it back out.

 We have been swimming at Lauren's quite a bit this summer and we have done a few pool parties with other friends too. The three of them were impossible to get into a decent picture together.

 I finished painting the nursery and decided to go with something a little different than last time. Between measuring, taping, and painting, the stripes took me about 8 hours total. After I looked at the stripes, I decided that the color I was planning on using from the other room was not going to match, so I drug my Mom with me to Home Depot to pick out  a new color. I sanded the window sill and restained it because Rachel decided to take a screwdriver to it and mark it all up. I have a few decorations I plan on making and of course, once we know who will be sleeping in this room, I will put up a name.

 I am very pleased with the extra storage space the closet now provides as all of this baby stuff certainly takes up a lot of room.
 This is my stash of diapers I have been working on from even before I was pregnant. While this may look  like a lot, I am sure it isn't even half of what I will need.
Matt has been very busy with Verizon and the extra rehab job, but they will hopefully be done with that this weekend and then I can start putting him to work around here. I am still going to the gym 3 times a week and feeling pretty good while exercising. I went to the doctor last week for my glucose test and check-up. Since I did not hear back from them, that means I passed the glucose test (which I was worried about since I failed the first one with Rachel) and everything else was great. I go back in one week for another check-up and Aunt Lauren gets Rachel a little more often as I start seeing the Dr every two weeks now. We have Bible study every Sunday night, which has been really great. We moved it from Thursdays so that I could be a part of it when I go back to work and it just seems easier for everyone. A couple from our Sunday School class come and they have two little boys around Rachel's age. So, she has made some new boy friends and just loves having them over each week. Life is good!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


 Nothing too interesting has happened here over the past few weeks. Matt has been working a lot for Verizon and my Dad. My Dad bought another house, so Matt and a few guys are fixing it up for him. That leaves Rachel and I to do whatever I feel like doing most of the time. We have been going to the gym, swimming at Lauren's, and resting in the evenings because my feet hurt a lot these days. She is looking very grown-up lately.

 Since all of this stuff is currently in our room, that means I have begun work in the nursery. I have my paint picked out and I am working on staining new trim for this room. This will be my third room to stain trim for and I am just about over it. I need a break from staining, however, there is not one in sight since Matt and I are making a built in storage/bookshelf in that little space in the room. I have to stain all of that wood too. Ugh... I will be putting up the closet shelving as soon as Matt paints the ceiling (which was promised to me by Monday night).
 Grandma Rhine (Toby) took Rachel to the beach today. She has been so excited about it for a few days now and after she saw her new beach toys that I got this morning, she carried them around for an hour. They are spending the day together and giving me a break, which I completely appreciate! I know Rachel loves her Grandma, so she is enjoying the day too!

 She was saying, "I'm ready to go to the beach!"