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Monday, November 30, 2009

Family Pictures!

I have been wanting to get family pictures taken before Christmas. Matt, being the good husband that he is, made an appointment on his day off and we headed up to the mall last Monday. I had a coupon for Sears, so that is where we went. We had to wait a while, but Rachel was still happy by the time she had to pose for the camera. They turned out great and I can't wait until we get our order in! Here are some of the pictures. The collages and ones with enhancements didn't get put on the CD, so I can't put those on here. I know I am incredibly bias, but I think I have the more adorable little girl!

We didn't get any of this one because it didn't turn out good.

For those of you who know me, I am not a decorator, much less at Christmas time. However, my mom guilted me in to putting up a Christmas tree because where would I put the ornaments that Rachel would receive from her? So, I put one up on Saturday. Thankfully, the tree is small (6.5 ft), I don't have many ornaments (I only decorate the part that shows anyway), and it only took about an hour of my time. It looks pretty and Matt actually complemented me on it. Wow! No pictures of it though.

We're Back!

*Warning: this post is very fragmented and not in any sort of order. Just my thoughts about things thrown together. Sorry.

Rachel played very happily for Daddy while I went to the gym this morning. Well, Matt left to work on another house (I am told this will be his last for a while, we will see) and she was such a grouch after she woke up. The last picture says it all. I put her to bed 30 minutes early.

Grandpa Rhine picked up this ball for her a few days ago. It was perfect because she was playing with the one at her other grandparent's house and I mentioned she might one for Christmas. Santa came early.
Rachel the GROUCH! Life isn't all smiles.

Matt played flag football last Sunday at church with some other guys from Sunday school class. I was the only wife there to watch the game. After sitting for a few moments, I realized I could be getting some exercise, so I started walking laps around the parking lot (which is big). We watched for a little bit.
What a cutie! She was very good for the game. Matt was very sore for the next few days. It looks like somebody else should be exercising more too.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving packed full of eating and hanging out with family! This is the pack n play we found to keep at Grandma and Grandpa Rhine's house. She played by herself on Thanksgiving for a little bit.

We ate a little bit at the Rhine's and then headed to my parent's for more food. I spent the entire next day over there too while Matt hit Home Depot with Josiah and then worked later on. I know I don't watch TV much, but I think I watched a total of about 7 hours of TV that day. I feel kind of bad about that, so I decided I will go to the library this week and check some books out.

Now that she can roll any direction, she chooses to sleep on her tummy most of the time.

I guess this little nut was just playing too hard and managed to have it come crashing on her. She didn't seem to care one bit.

I have three more classes at HCC until my month long break! Woohoo and that is just one more plus about teaching at a college. I subbed a few classes during the day this past week and that was nice. A few extra bucks on the paycheck never hurts. The weather has finally turned cool and we have been doing at least one bonfire a week with Katie and Josiah. Free entertainment and it is so relaxing.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Rhine family wants to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. We have been very busy, but promise an update soon. Somebody else besides Hannah and Kate really liked the zebra, but we aren't quite ready for it yet.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On to new things

You might be wondering who these people are and why they are dressed up like this? Ask Matt. It is all part of his new job,. No, he doesn't have to dress up like this. I mentioned last post that he was starting a new work schedule. He is also doing something completely different. He is working events and sets up the Verizon FIOS stuff at events for people to play video games, watch movies, etc. This past week, he was at the Medieval Fair in Sarasota. Today, he is in Largo at an event for senior citizens. Good thing they have the large screen TV's. This weekend, he is supposed to be working the Ybor Cigar Festival. Seems to be liking it so far. Rachel and I are enjoying having him off on Sundays and Mondays. He is working 10 hour shifts again, but goes in the extra day to get overtime.

I have been wanting a new stroller. There is nothing wrong with the other one we have, it is just big and takes up our entire trunk. Now that she pretty much won't stay asleep in the carseat, I decided to look for one. Britax is a great brand for carseats, but didn't know they made strollers. I saw the demo on their website and loved it. It is easy to use, light, but really nice. I ordered it on Friday, ran to meet the UPS people on Monday evening, and had her on a walk in it about 30 minutes later. When we got it together, I was so excited to get her up from her nap to put her in it and push her around. I know, silly me! Thankfully, she was just waking up from the nap which is why she looks not thrilled in these pictures. I would recommend this stroller for a lightweight, nice umbrella stroller. Isn't the pattern adorable? And of course, gender neutral!

I don't know why (wait, he is a guy) but Matt thought is would be awesome if the stroller could balance on just the back wheels. Our friend, DJ, was over and encouraged him to try. He finally succeeded. Britax never told me the stroller could do this! Poor Rachel.

She loves bathtime. The only problem is that our house is kind of cold so she gets cold somewhat easily. She doesn't get to play as long as I am sure she would like.

Splish Splash!

Dressed kind of warm (for Florida) on one of our chillier days.

This was something new she started doing recently. I think she is getting tired of just laying in one spot, so this is her way of squirming to a new location. However after observing her new trick of rolling from back to tummy, I realize this helps her get started on it.

Her Daddy is already teaching her how to play the piano. We'll see if she likes Elton John as much as Daddy does.

I tried to upload a video of her rolling, but it is taking forever. Maybe next time.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Haircuts and Swings and Dachsunds, oh my!


Rachel has really been needing a haircut, so we finally got her one. We have known Kela for a while and Matt has recently started getting his haircut by her. I got mine cut by her, so she offered to do Rachel's. I was able to go because we got it done just before I had to head off to HCC. She was great for it and was just interested in everything else going on. She really didn't have that much hair that needed to be trimmed, just a little on the back and sides. I did keep a little bit.

Prep Time


Results: A beautiful baby with a clean neck line

Kela and Rachel


Matt took off a few days before he starts a new work schedule. Lauren and I had already talked about taking the girls to the park and it was a great day. Matt came with us and we had fun! All we could do with the girls was swing, although Kate was somewhat forced down the slide once or twice. She enjoyed swinging a lot and just likes being outside in the nice weather.


She found a comfortable swinging position with her little arm hanging over the side.

Hannah kept making her Popeye face! We had a great time with Lauren, Kate and Hannah!


DARE is a dachsund rescue organization that my parents adopted their last dog from. They have an annual fundraiser called Doxapalooza and we have gone the past two years because it is 5 minutes from their house. Here are some pictures from that.

This was during the costume contest. She didn't win, but I thought she was very cute! The winner was a little dog with an American flag print shirt and beer cans hanging over both sides of his belly. He called the all American dog: a hot dog and beer.