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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Professional Dresser-Upper

This little girl now likes to get into Mommy's clothes and sometime Daddy's shoes and play dress up. She likes to put on socks, shorts, shirts as pants, and flip-flops. She is so cute and will seriously spend about 20 or so minutes do this. She is getting faster as she figures things out better. She is a little sick right now and Matt seems like he might be getting something too. Hopefully not. Katie and I made it 5 miles on Saturday morning running out in Dover. One of my friends gave me her old I-pod and I have this chip that is like a super smart pedometer than you put in your shoe. It tells you distance, calories burned, pace, and lots of other neat things. It makes running outside much more enjoyable! Our 10K is in about 4 weeks so I am feeling pretty good about it as long as I don't get sick again.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Best Kind of Sunday!

We had such a great Sunday after church. We came home and I ran to Walgreens and found everything I was looking for! Rachel and I both took a nap, while Matt did who knows what (I was sleeping). We had planned to go to the park in the afternoon with Lauren and George and the girls after everyone had a nap. Matt put Rachel in her new overalls and I put the pigtails in her hair. We were ready! Can I just say that she is looking like such a big girl now and not a baby at all.

Matt went to adjust his keys and he ended up falling off the back of the swing. His should was hurting him today, but Rachel was just fine.

We got two Little Ceasar's pizzas and ate at a picnic table. Yummy! We stayed for about an hour and then went back to the Lantz's and the girls all got baths. They were really dirty, especially their feet. We watched Cop Out (not something I would recommend) and had a great time overall! I look forward to many more days like that.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

An Afternoon at the Park!

This little cutie came to visit me for a few hours on Wednesday! She mostly just sat their and chewed on silverware from Rachel's play kitchen.

This little nut runs to the corner behind Daddy's dresser anytime she is being called and doesn't come and Mom is coming to get her.
Matt went to do a few things after work yesterday and the day was so nice that we just had to get out. Not to mention, we had been hanging around the house the entire day and I just really didn't have anything to do. So, we walked over to Sadie park. I am really grateful to live within walking distance from a park. Otherwise I probably wouldn't go as much. Unfortunately, there were a bunch of kids there from afterschool programs, but they were really nice to her. The boys were kind of annoying.

She is a little timid around lots of other new kids and she was just trying to figure out if she wanted to go up there around the other kids. She did because she loves going down the slides!
Swings are still fun, but she doesn't want to stay in them as long as she used to.

She must have gone down the slides about 20 times. No slide to big for this little daredevil.
She realized that she can get really dirty and dig her hands and feet into sand. Kids will be kids!
I let her have a snack at the table because she high chair tray was still dirty. She seemed very proud of herself being up at the big people table.

Some new words this week are okay, side (I think she uses it more for inside than outside), pee-pee and poo-poo. Last night after her bath, I let her run around in her diaper. She kept touching her diaper and saying "ewww." I ignored her and she then proceeded to take her diaper off. I decided to sit her on the potty and told her to go pee-pee and she did. She loves getting to tear toilet paper off and wiping. I was so proud of her. She went again a little later, but I initiated it. She is very interested in going potty, so I might start potty training soon. Don't worry, I do not expect much nor do I think she is capable of holding her pee super long, especially at night. This girl loves to drink though, so hopefully getting her to pee won't be too hard.

I am feeling much much better than last week and am starting my running routine again on Monday. Two weeks off makes it really hard to get my butt back in the gym. I am giving my midterms in school and I cannot believe we are around the halfway mark. I am really looking forward to winter break though because teaching three classes on top of everything else I am doing is kind of kicking my butt.

Matt and I went to the post office today to get our passports applications processed. Yea and it was as painful as I had been anticipating. I hope to go out of the country next year, but probably just on a cruise. We will see. That is it for now.