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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sneaky Girl

I was working on painting our bathroom upstairs and Rachel was for the most part staying out of trouble. I turned on Mickey Mouse for her and came down a little while later to find this:

I guess she took snack time into her own hands and found a bag of Cheetos in a cabinet. Thankfully, she was just licking her hands and not touching ANYTHING. The bag was empty, but when we went to the kitchen to wash her hands, there were a bunch of Cheetos on the ground. I guess when she opened the bag, they spilled, but I have a feeling she still ate quite a bit of them. Oh well!

Matt had been texturing the bathroom walls in an attempt to repair drywall and just even things up a bit. Well, it is hard to tell if it actually looks good until you paint it one color. I did just that today and I think we are going to have to hire someone. Sigh. Maybe they can come out quickly because Matt and I had plans of beginning the floor tile on Labor Day.
School is good. Matt got puked on twice by Rachel last night, but she seems just fine today. We are going to Orlando in a few weeks for a nice family vacation and Rachel will be taking her first trip to Magic Kingdom. We are both looking forward to some time together as it has been scarce lately.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Singing in the Rain!

Lydia came over for a few days and her and Rachel had a lot of fun together!

Since Lydia was using Rachel's highchair, Rachel got to sit in a booster seat at the table. She does pretty well and still, of course, makes a mess. I decided that after Lydia left, she would just continue eating at the table.

Lauren and the girls came over for a grill-out last weekend and this is their bath so they could be all clean and pretty for church the next day. They each get a ridiculous smile in.

Rachel ready for church! She just doesn't like to take pictures for me and only me.

Last night was my first night of school and it went great (just like always). It rained really hard and Matt let Rachel play outside in it. It looks like she had a blast!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Toilet is Gone!

And so are Rachel's diapers most of the time! She seems to hold things better when she is not wearing a diaper, so I let her run around without one a lot. I was cleaning under the cushions and decided to make her a place to jump. She had fun!

Likes to play under the table a lot and pretend to take a nap. She is doing great with potty training and typically has about one accident a day. Sometimes that accident is in her diaper and sometimes I am cleaning it up off the floor. If we are out, I don't usually worry about getting her to go. A work in progress, but I am really proud of her!

This toilet has seen its last day in my house! With Rachel really needing a toilet on the first floor and this one continuing to break, I didn't have to argue much about replacing it. We just used the toilet that was going to go in our bathroom, so we will just buy another one when we actually need it.

Her new overall jumper! I am such a sucker for overalls.

Running from the camera like usual.

The new toilet

Button on the left for #1 and the right is #2

On a great note, we picked out our tile for the bathroom and shower last night. It is going to look so great and Matt seriously has her work cut out for him. This is the shower tile. It is polished travertine and so shiny!

The floor tile is 12 by 24 and it really close in color to the shower tile.

These smaller pieces are polished marble and the bottom left corner is what it really looks like. The rest has a shadow on it, but it is shiny too. We are going to put these every so often on the floor and in the shower.
These glass tiles are actually shinier than they look because once you wet and seal them, it really brings out the color. They are still neutral, but give a little bit of glimmer and color. Matt didn't want glass tile, but we fell in love with these right away. We are going to use about 4 or 5 rows after 3 rows of the square shower tiles as a decorative border.

This is the bullnose that will go on the top and bottom of the glass tile border. It is called pineapple onyx and was really the only thing that matched, but didn't blend in too much and was polished. It is different but will look great! Matt is going to go for the seamless look with no grout lines, which means there is very little room for error in his cuts and placement. Fortunately, his tile skills have gotten better with every job and I am fully confident that he can do this. I cannot wait!

Rachel is feeling completely better, but I am still struggling with some sinus issues. It is giving me really bad headaches, so pray that those go away.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On the Mend

Rachel and I have been varying degrees of sick over the past 5 days. We spent 3 hours at her doctor's office Wednesday morning with all the fun of ear cleanings, finger stick, getting bagged for urine, and then a catheter for more urine all while having a fever and sore throat. Her strep test came back clean and was put on antibiotics for 10 days. She lost the fever after a day or so, but of course, was still whiny, clingy, and just pathetic. She didn't sleep well at night and after two days, I felt like I was coming down the same thing. We had a garage sale planned for Saturday morning and I made it through that while feeling like crap. I came home and took a nap and then headed to the walk-in-clinic to be told my strep test was clean and was put on the same antibiotic as Rachel. Mine seems to be lasting a little longer than hers because my sinuses are being icky too. Over the last two days, Rachel has taken quite an interest in going on the potty. Hannah and Kate and potty training and Rachel is taking her cue from them. She tells me many times that she needs to go and actually does. She also tries just to get candy. She cannot hold it yet during her nap or at night, but does a pretty good job during the day. Wiping and flushing are also a great incentive for her. I would be so happy to have her potty trained (except at night) soon! I had a late night and not enough rest for the Nyquil I took, so I am off.

Helping me get the clothes from the dryer. She wet the bed somehow last night. I think she might have woken up and needed to go potty, but took her diaper off and somehow put it back on too. Who knows, but I did not like having to change her sheets in the middle of the night and then listen to her scream for about 30 minutes or so afterward. She earned a few spankings from Matt last night.