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Saturday, September 25, 2010

We Did It!

Katie and I headed to Lowry Park Zoo this morning at 6:30 for our 5k run. We registered and then stood and walked around making fun of some of the old men who were going to beat us. We finally started the run and the first mile was pretty easy. It took us by the river (I don't know which one) and back through the parking lot. The second mile was very long and twisted and turned through the zoo and by the animals. The third mile was rough and took us backwards through the course of the first mile. I was starting to want to walk, but my brain just kept me pushing on. I felt like I was going to pass out a little, but kept telling myself that I could run the whole thing. Knowing it was 3.1 miles, when I saw the sign for mile 3 done, I sprinted the last tenth. I have no idea what my time was, but guessing based on Katie's time that it was around 33 or 34 minutes. I am very proud of myself for running 3.1 miles straight with no breaks because I have never run that much, even before I had Rachel. We had a good time and will probably sign up for another. This is the only picture we got and we had to use the camera timer to get it. We are official runners!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nothing New

Here are some pictures from the last week of so. Nothing new or interesting is really going on here. I will be running a 5k with Katie on Saturday morning at the zoo. It is about 3.1 miles. I am not great at running or fast, but I could do it if I had to and I don't get a cramp. I will let you know how it goes.

She was eating chicken, broccoli alfredo and I just let her eat it however. Left to their own devices, kids always choose the messiest route and she was no exception.

She is also been a little more interested in her nose and what is inside of it. Ewww, especially since it is not always clean.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Something New

This is what Kate taught Rachel to do: Kate emptied all of the toys from this little toy box and then got inside of it. So, of course, Rachel got inside of it next. We were playing at home and I find Rachel sitting in it. At least she had the courtesy to not empty the toys (but I still would have made her put them all back anyway). Thanks a lot Kate!

Matt found this rocking chair inside some storage shed at the Verizon yard he works from. He brought it home and sanded and repainted it for Rachel. How sweet!

Rachel now likes to pull her blanket out of her crib and walk around with it. Not all the time, but just some days.
Matt, DJ, Beth, and I were hanging out in the office and Rachel walks in with a diaper in hand. She walks over to Beth and says poo-poo and holds out the diaper. She has been getting really smart about when she needs to be changed, but has never verbalized it. I looked down her diaper and sure enough, she had pooped. Smart cookie! Maybe potty training won't be so bad. We have been enjoying her craigslist Radio Flyer wagon. Matt usually takes her for walks in it when I am at school. He also took her to Josiah's soccer game and she sat there and watched (and stood up and fell out). I have yet to take a picture of her in it though.

Matt and I went ocean kayaking yesterday with the same two friends we play trivia with. We had a blast and got some sun. It was a beautiful day and really nice to have some "us" time! Matt thought it would be a good idea to kayak through some mangroves. I didn't really want to because there are a lot of crabs and spiders in those. Also, you get stuck in branches and it is just kind of difficult. Well, Matt went first and we suddenly hear some screaming and see him try to stand in his kayak. Apparently a crab fell in his kayak and crawled right up his swimsuit. Fortunately, he got it out before it could leave a mark.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Having Fun!

Rachel has been spending more time with Dad now that I am back in school. On Tuesday, he took her to watch a friend play soccer. That is what all of these pictures are from with the grass. Apparently, all she really wanted to do was stand behind the goal. Not smart Rachel.

Love this next one. Why can I just picture a whine coming out of her mouth at the same time?

Due to the hassle of switching car seats two times a week, I decided to just buy a new one for Matt's truck. So, this one converts to a booster seat as well. It has come in handy.

What a beautiful girl!

I got her a baby doll and she likes it, although this picture of the two together doesn't exude excitement.
Teaching is going really well and I am loving my schedule. We are a little more rushed, but this will only last for a few months. I am in a hurry, so this is all for now.