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Friday, February 18, 2011

Finally A Sunny Day!

We finally had nice, sunny weather today in Florida. It was about 75 degrees and just beautiful. I was going to go to the gym, but Rachel had thrown up at some point last night or this morning. I didn't know if she had caught what the Lantz's had or if something just upset her tummy. It seems to be a one time thing, but I didn't want to take her to kid's club at the gym just in case. So, we went to Publix and then a wagon ride to the park. She wanted to wear a hat and left it on the entire time!

She loves the big kids playground best and found two little boys to play with.

We had a fun time together and I got some exercise still. Walking to the park will be one thing I am going to miss about this house. As for now, I need to grade some tests.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


We have been busy preparing to move. Our closing was supposed to be tomorrow, but it got moved to Tuesday. I am bummed about that because I was looking forward to having the weekend to get things ready and moved. Oh well, I get to close and then head off to work. We got permission to do make some changes inside the house. We painted the family room, the office, and in the middle of painting the master bedroom. Matt will be tiling the laundry room this weekend. We got a few walls textured (to match the rest of the walls) and got all of the carpets cleaned. The floors were a mess, but the carpets looked brand new now that they have been vacuumed and cleaned. I am really pleased and apparently, the carpets were not the cheap stuff and have excellent padding underneath. I am really happy with our carpet cleaner! Matt is going to start redoing the master bath in the near future as that will be our first major project. The kitchen is hideous (think bright yellow with yellow on some of the cabinet faces) and designed really poorly. However, that one is going to cost a little bit more, so we will be saving for it. I still don't have any pictures of it, but perhaps I will remember to take some next time I am over there. For now, I am working on packing up this house. We booked our cruise, which we are sooo excited for! I am no longer running in my half marathon due to an injured knee, so I gave my spot to a friend. I am still going over to Orlando for girl's night with Katie. We are going shopping at the outlet malls, dinner, and hanging out with NO KIDS! Fun stuff, but then I will come home Saturday morning and back to real life. School is going great and we are already approaching midterms. Rachel is being a handful/pain in the butt this week and I have no clue why. She was a little better today, but we are definitely nearing the 2 year mark. She is healthy, unlike the Lantz family and hopefully we are not going to be sick since they were over on Tuesday morning.

This is our new spot to read together! And yes, her sunglasses are upside down.

Tickle Tickle

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sesame Street Safari Fun!

The weather looked gloomy, but Lauren and I and our three cuties made the trek to Busch Gardens. It sprinkled a tiny bit on the way there, so I was not at all encouraged that this was the right day to be there. As we pulled in the parking lot, we both noticed a lot of old people. As we entered the park, we noticed even more old people. It must have been senior day. They were obviously not going to the same places we were, so it turned out to be a great day for our adventure! We saw the animals first, which Kate ended up being afraid of. One of the workers came over by the hyenas and they thought they were being fed, so we got a great up close look at them. Well, Kate peeked through her hands.

Rachel is still not into watching Sesame Street, but she was all about the characters. She ran right up to Big Bird and gave him a big hug!

After kind of eating lunch and watching the show, we took more pictures! They did not seem to get the concept of pose with Abby, but turn around and look at the camera too.
They rode the swings, cars, the carousel, eggs, and tried to jump on this huge bouncy thing. Every time we go back, they get better with it. Some day they will actually move away from the corner.

This nice employee helping her jump!

We had a really fun day and it actually turned out to be kind of sunny and warm. We weren't as sweaty as usual, but the girls could have gone in the water area. Good thing there is always next time, especially when you have a pass.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Crazy Girl

This crazy girl got into her top drawer of her dresser and pulled out all of its contents to play with during her nap. Most of the things in that drawer were bows. Imagine her actually wanting to put a bow in her hair. Well, she wanted to wear four of them. So, I let her. She wore them to the bank, CVS, and Publix without touching them once. I could not believe it.