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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blog Slacking=Sarah Really Busy

Yes, I have been really busy. In contradiction to what Matt thinks, I do actually do more than sit around all day. Matt's younger brother, Brett, got married this past Sunday. We had some family in town for that and Matt's uncle stayed with us. He owns many guns and mailed a few of them down so a group of them could go shooting on Saturday. Matt had a great time! Meanwhile, I got my hair recolored and cut. This time, I put some red in it. I like it! After that, Rachel and I met my parents and sister and the girls down at the outlet malls. I got some clothes for me and one shirt for Rachel (it was on the $2 rack at Children's Place). I got home just in time to repack all our stuff and head off to a chili cook-off with our Sunday School class. I didn't bring any chili, but there was plenty to go around anyways. Sunday was a rainy day, so they moved the outdoor wedding to where the reception was held. Things were running a little behind, but in the end, Brett and Sara got married. Matt took yesterday off to drive people to the airport/port for their cruise. I cleaned up the house and went to the gym. Rachel has been getting a cough and gross snout again, but she seems to be getting better on her own. I have finalized the place of her party and will be sending out e-vites today. (Hopefully). There are two more classes until my spring break at HCC and I am definitely looking forward to small break. Rachel has also been standing a little more on her own. I think the longest is about 5 seconds. No movement on walking, but I don't expect that for a while. She is getting a little more selective about what she eats. I can't tell if it is from her being sick or just picky. Here are some pictures:

Our guest judges at the chili cook-off. George and Sandra Thomason (our assistant senior pastor and wife)
Some of the bigger boys play around.

My little cutie sleeping until 8am this morning. I love it!

This is her new wedding/Easter outfit. I love the little tongue sticking out of her mouth.

Apparently Matt was just taking pictures of her and she kept doing this pose.

For those of you who are bothered by the number of pictures taken of her with her hair hanging in her face, don't worry. I am becoming very diligent in pulling it back in a little ponytail.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Catch Up!

We have been busy and I have been loving the beautiful and finally warm weather so I have been working out in the yard instead of updating my blog. The weather has really put me in the gardening mood, but I don't want to buy any new plants yet, so I will settle for pulling weeds and spraying stuff. Maybe I will even start getting a tan.

Rachel first started playing with this toy at a friend's house. I decided to get her one for our fridge, so I spent the money and she loves to play with it. Of course, she just takes all the pieces off and scatters them, but I don't mind picking them up (for now).

Rachel is looking rather fresh and clean after her really messy lunch and a bath. She is wearing an outfit that her soon to be aunt Sara gave her for Christmas. 18 month clothes are starting to fit her well. The 12 month stuff is getting packed away.
Going after the camera.

These two pictures are from yesterday when she was at the whiniest I think I have ever encountered. Seriously, all she did was whine and cry. It was really pathetic and I realized that maybe she was sick. Well, she was and I felt really bad afterward. She had a 101.6 degree fever and some Tylenol made her feel better. I cuddled and rocked her and she was so sweet. I actually almost rocked her to sleep. She would never do that normally (thankfully)

Those poor pajamas got worn to two days in a row. They are finally getting washed.
Looking cool in the shades.
Mesmerized by Baby Einstein. Snack time favorite.

I also put together this car for her that doubles as a walker. She got it for Christmas and decided to get it out.
Checking out her new wheels.

She would still much rather crawl than practice with a walker. I did get her to stand by herself for a few seconds.

Dad in charge of her hair before church. Eek!

We did a few baby proofing things in the house. I decided I really didn't want to move some cleaners and such, so I bought one of these for the cabinet under the sink. We moved her baby gate from her room to the entrance to the family room. I also got a pack of outlet covers, but that is about it.

We are still working on the house next door, but progress is being made. This Sunday is tree cutting/burning day. The huge hole in the ground is just waiting for a fire to be lit. Matt has only a few more days on the Verizon event team and then he will be going back to his normal M-F 7:00 to 3:30 schedule. We both cannot wait to have a normal life and routine again. My spring break is coming up in a few weeks. It will be so nice to have my days completely free for one