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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just more cute pictures

There really isn't anything new and/or interesting going on with us, but I have a lot of cute pictures. The first one is titled "Kate: Exposed." Matt took it at the pool party last week and I forgot to put it on that one. The rest are just of my little porker. She is getting kind of fat.

Daddy and Uncle Matt are so cruel.

This is a first. She is actually smiling while on her tummy. I must say, she looks pretty darn cute.

Can you believe how much she has grown and changed. Makes me want to cry a little. But at least now I get so many smiles and a laugh every now and then. Back then it was just crying.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun Times!

We had a very busy weekend, especially on Sunday. One of our friends from church is getting deployed overseas for two months. Matt saw it fit to throw him a going away pool party. We had a blast and tons of people from church showed up. Rachel and I headed to Apollo Beach to speak at a youth group. The youth pastor was our old Bible study teacher. It was awesome to share my testimony with students. We then headed over to my parent's house to welcome my brother home. I have been keeping pretty busy this week and Lauren and I spent a few hours at Babies R Us and Target. We had girl time and it was wonderful! I got some new clothes to add to my post pregnancy wardrobe. I totally understand how people have a few different size wardrobes. I am calling this my fat wardrobe. Ugh. On a better note, we are leaving for California next week and I am thrilled to be getting away with my family, including my husband, which I haven't seen much because he has been working a lot. Props to Matt for helping us pay off a lot of debt in the past month! Rachel is Rachel, cute as always and usually not too crabby. Last night, Matt was working and I woke up around 3 something in the morning to hear Rachel talking through her monitor. Then I hear some music go off and realize what it is. She was playing with this toy that you hit the nose and then music and lights turn on. It was velcroed to her crib earlier and I hadn't taken it down. She managed to mistakenly hit the nose to turn on the toy at 3 am. I walked in there, smiled at her and took the toy down and walked back out. I didn't hear anything until 7:15 this morning. So cute, but I really don't want that happening a lot.

Isn't she a beauty?

Rachel getting a bath at my parent's house. She pooped a poop so big that it was up to her chest.

I did not put this burp cloth like this. Sister Mary Rachel is so funny! My own little nun.

Getting ready for a swim! She cried for a few seconds at the initial shock of the temperature of the water (which was not that cold) but settled down and seemed to be just fine.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's a bittersweet day

Well, today is the day I called up my current principal and told her that I am staying home full time. Tomorrow I will go in and sign my resignation papers. It is somewhat difficult to do because I do enjoy teaching (most of the time) and really love the people I work with. However, I love Rachel more and feel much more needed at home than at the school. It is also a little hard to let go of the paycheck, but I know that what is best for our family is definitely not being rich in material things. I am still excited about my job at HCC and hope to continue teaching through that avenue as well as tutoring!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun at the Beach!

We went to St. Pete beach on Saturday around 5:00 and stayed until about 9:30. Some friends from church went and we had a great time. As Floridians, you definitely have to make it a point to go to the beach because usually people just don't have time. We really enjoy going with friends and as Rachel gets older, hopefully she will learn to play around a little bit. She was very good and went in the water for about 30 minutes. We were out about 20 feet or so and the waves weren't very high. It was hot and I know she was too so I thought the water would be good for us. Her Aunt Suzanne had brought down a bathing suit for her, which is a 6-9 month size, but fit her perfectly and it just so cute! She was very content being held while in the water. Didn't smile or cry, just content. It was great for the spit up though because I just used the ocean to clean her off. We ate at a nearby restaurant and then got some ice cream. In our family picture, I look kind of pregnant but I think that is because a) I haven't lost all of my baby weight and b) I just ate a lot of food. We also started Vacation Bible School at church this week. Lauren and I are helping in a younger one year old class. We have about 10 kids and they wipe me out about two-thirds of the way in. I come home and take a nap and Rachel sleeps really good too. Matt is still doing good. He got a four day weekend and got some much need rest. However, he really wants to work a lot this week so we can pay off some car loans and other debt. We were able to pay off one loan this week and that was really exciting for us! Rachel is not really doing anything new. She is just a happy little cutie! I do have a lot of pictures to make up for the last few posts.

Rachel likes her Bumbo seat a lot. I am glad because it is one more toy that she can play in.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I have a new job!

I mentioned that I had a job interview at Hillsborough Community College on Wednesday. Well, I got the job and there was basically no interview. It was great! I will be teaching Prep Math (a Pre-algebra class) on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5:30 to 7:20. I am really excited because now I don't have to work full time at the high school and can be home with Rachel! Yea! Just wanted to share the good news!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cute Stuff!

After my last post came one of the worst weeks I have had with Rachel. I cannot remember her in the first few weeks of life to compare, but it definitely hits close to the top. She was on my last nerve for about 4 days straight. In the posting, I said she was ready to be unswaddled. Well, I have come to the conclusion that is only the case at night. I think that is why all of her naps were awful for those days is because I stopped swaddling her and she wasn't ready. There were some other things it could have been but I really do think it was the swaddle. She would sleep for 1 out of her 4 naps, but still sleep 11 or 12 hours at night fine. She was crabby, falling asleep while nursing and just not fun to be around. However, the last few days, she has been just fine. I either swaddled her or we have been out and about. I went to the gym this morning (I think I am completely better), went with Lauren and the girls to eat lunch with my Mom, watched Hannah while Lauren and Kate tried to go to the doctor, and then we all went to the mall so I could get some new shoes for the gym. I had been working in the yard in my old ones and they were really dirty. (Bleach wouldn't help). I felt like a hobo walking into the YMCA in these dirty things. I decided to buy some that had a lot of gray in hopes that they would stay newer looking longer. I have also vowed to wear them to the gym, biking, and things where they will stay clean. Matt and I went on a bike ride last night to visit the house that his brother is building. That was fun! I have a job interview with Hillsborough Community College on Wednesday for a part-time math teacher. I really want to get it so I don't have to go back full time at the high school. Keep me in your prayers. Matt is working a lot, almost signed up for a class at UT and then decided he would rather have the overtime at work. So, he has been working his behind off to provide for our family. Thanks honey! His birthday is also on Thursday, but I don't know what we are doing yet. We usually have Bible study that night, so that is probably what we will do. We had a great 4th of July. I spent a lot of time at my parent's house this weekend (which I love) and our family, the Lantz's and some friends saw fireworks by the mall. It was a nice night except for a few bugs! Rachel slept through all of the fireworks except the finale, which woke her up. She was great for the evening though, just relaxing in her stroller. She did have a patriotic outfit that a friend from church got her on the missions trip to Kentucky. The onesie said "Red, white, and cute!" I have no pictures though. I am so bad about bringing my camera to things. Speaking of pictures, here are just a few:

Dad dressed her. Anyone know what is wrong?.....Snaps go in the back, but I thought it was funny.

I found Hannah in my pack-n-play creating artwork. The medium of choice: spit-up. Finger painting in spit-up. How fun!

A sideways picture, but none the less, cute!