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Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Love!

Here are a few things that I am just loving lately:

1. Of course, Rachel. She has been using her kitchen more and actually pretending to cook and such instead of just use the pieces for whatever. Here she is cooking me a red pepper. Yum! She looks so big.

2. My new Vera Bradley purse. I ordered it off E-bay for $40 total. It is nice and big for all of my coupon stuff and has many pockets. I love the pattern!

3. The new bathtub that is in place in our progressing bathroom! There is a pipe hanging into it so they could fill it with water and test the jets and stuff.

4. Rachel's new room's paint color. Katie had painted one of her daughter's rooms this color and I really like it. I have painted the walls, but need to cut in the room. It is looking great so far, but I will put a picture of it when it looks more done. The Behr Paint and Primer is going to cover well in one coat.
So into Minnie Mouse that she is completely unaware I am taking a picture of her. I even had to cross in front of her to get this angle.

5. Last but not least and without a picture: Matt. Of course I love him and he has been great with getting stuff done for me around the house and working hard with the bathrooms. He is leaving on Saturday for Kentucky to build another church and will be gone for about a week. Keep him and the other 35 or so people going in your prayers for a safe and productive week!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Matt is working HARD!

This little cutie and I went swimming with a friend on Friday. She looks so cute in her swimsuit. She has gotten much more careful around the water now. Before she would be willing to probably get in without anyone around and stick her head under. Now, she would only jump in if someone was holding her hands and pretty much stayed around the steps. It was good since I was supposed to get in the water anyways. We had fun!

Love the ponytail!

Matt has been doing a lot of work in the bathroom. He is trying to get a lot of it done before leaving on Saturday for Kentucky.

Matt and DJ got the tar paper and backerboard down.

He had to move the drain for the tub because it used to be a shower.
He is building some shelves that will be tiled as part of the shower
Dad came over yesterday to help them put in our cabinets! The countertop people can come and measure now! This is our bathroom.

So, the cabinets have now cleared out of our sitting area and are in their rightful place.

This is Rachel's bathroom and the cabinet on the left is actually the laundry chute. Matt had to cut out the bottom and side (there is access from our bathroom too through the wall) of the cabinet, but he is already using it.

Since Rachel can most likely climb out of her crib now, I have been thinking about moving her a big girl bed (my old bed). Before I do that, I am going to decorate her room. The pink room will be hers, but Katie and I are going to paint and have lots of fun decorating. She is also redoing her bathroom and so we decided to make these our projects while our husbands are gone building and playing in Kentucky. I will post some pictures of her room when we have some progress.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Make A Mess

"Make A Mess" seems to be one of Rachel's favorite phrases because that is typically true of about anything she does. And Matt has been doing just that the bathroom. Well, I posted early in Memorial Day about Matt's activities with the jackhammer. He ended up getting the entire platform out of the porch and then pouring some concrete to fill in the drain (remember the shower thing) and it looks great! Matt and DJ continued with the jackhammer upstairs on our hideous tile floor in the bathroom. It was so loud. I put Rachel in the office with some white noise I found on the computer. She slept for 3 hours through that stuff. However, the tile is gone and the bathroom has been gutted! I know he has to build some shelves that will be tiled as part of the shower and needs to frame the tub area. I got a call two nights ago that our cabinets were in at Home Depot so we got those. We have a few problems to take care of as you will see in this picture (the weird stripe thing on the bottom drawer), but at least you can see what they kind of look like. Matt and I have been wondering what to do with that extra space in our bedroom and now I know exactly what it is good for: storing all materials for home improvement projects. As for Rachel, she is a little sick right now with just a cold or allergies and some congestion. I am feeling not 100% either, but nothing related to the surgery.