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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Fish!

These are not good pictures, but for some reason, I cannot delete them off the post.

Matt got some gift cards to Petco, so on Christmas night, we ordered some more fish. They were out of stock of a lot of things we wanted, but we found a few things anyways. Unfortunately, we
only have room for a few more things, like a starfish, snail, and maybe one other thing.

Here is our yellow tang. Going with out Harry Potter themed names, we settled on Bellatrix Lestrange. However, in my opinion, this fish is too pretty to be named after such an awful character. We will see if it sticks.

The next two pictures are of the same fish, a lyretail anthias. These fish all start as females and the dominant ones turn into males. Supposedly, we have a male. You can't see it in the pictures, but the pattern is really pretty when you look close up. He is named Neville Longbottom.

Here is our Huma Picasso Trigger. He is somewhat of a bully, especially at first to the tang, so we named him Dudley Dursley. He has got all sorts of colors and a really pretty design. He is a messy eater and will spit sand and food out of his gills.

Lord Voldemort continues to do well and is really entertaining to watch. They seem to have all adjusted to living together and come out of hiding much more readily.

A New Toy!

My Grandma and I went in on this toddler trampoline together. Since she loves to jump, we thought it would be perfect. It did take a little bit of thinking to put it together, but Matt did it in about an hour (which according to feedback is pretty good timing). She likes it a lot.

Monday, December 27, 2010

I like little butts and I cannot lie...

Rachel has not been taking good naps at all this week and has been pretty grouchy towards the evening. She is still sick and doesn't seem to be getting any better on this stronger antibiotic. She now calls her butt a "bum bum" except it sounds more like mum mum. I heard her saying this a lot during one of her naps and put that together with her strong desire to strip her clothes off, this is what I found:

Here are a bunch of Christmas pictures. The first set is from my parent's house with my Mom and Dad, Lauren and George and the girls, and my Grandma and Hank. Rachel got a lot of blocks, puzzles, a school bus, train, Minnie Mouse slippers and pillow, new sneakers, a bubble mower, and other things. Hannah, Kate and Rachel were all very involved with each other's toys and were slightly overwhelmed by it all.

After lunch and a nap, we headed to Matt's parent's house where we celebrated Nana's 78th birthday.

Matt and I are doing fine. I am busy running. I did actually register and pay for the half marathon, so there is no backing out now. I am going to be booking our cruise soon too and Matt and I are sooo excited to be going on a cruise and a vacation to get some alone time!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Pictures

Well, this was difficult this year but we did end up with a few keepers.

Rachel giving Lydia (her favorite baby) a smooch.

Christmas Lane

We made it out to Christmas Lane on Friday night and it was crowded, but much warmer than the originally planned night. Rachel had a good time looking at everything. She has learned who Santa is now and likes to point him out at all of the stores we visit. I really thought she would like the train ride since she loves the rides at Busch Gardens and loves watching the trains go by in our backyard. After one lap around the track, she was screaming and they stopped to let her off.

We went with the Winter family, so they are in some of the pictures too.

She was jumping up and down to the music here.

Esther's classic smile

Licking a fence post! At least it wasn't covered in ice.
She likes running up and down the aisle as she waited in line for the train. Since she is a clumsy, she fell.

Matt thought this was neat (I don't know why)
We are both fighting sinus infections still and Rachel had to be put on a stronger antibiotic. Hopefully we will see some improvement soon. Grandma and Hank are coming in tonight and I am really excited to see them. I am also excited that I will have a babysitter for my running since I cannot take Rachel to the gym.