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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Magic Kingdom!

Matt found her sleeping like this and thought it was really funny. She is such a little boy sometimes.

Being camera shy? She wanted to wear her hat all the time. At least it covered up her messy hair.

We had a great time at Magic Kingdom! Rachel especially enjoyed the "train" rides on the tram and monorails. We went around 10 am and immediately went to meet Mickey and Minnie. Our pictures came out kind of bad/blurry and they only took 3, which were okay. She loved it though! As soon as we left that area, there was a mini parade with singing and dancing going down Main Street. She got a good view from Matt's shoulders and was clapping right along with the music. She enjoyed seeing her favorite Disney friends minus Daisy, because she doesn't seem to appear as much as the others. We rode the Haunted Mansion and I really thought she was going to cry because it was pretty dark, but I tried to make everything not scary for her and she did fine. Next, we rode It's A Small World and she loved looking at everything and I had no idea there were so many little dolls on that ride. We shared an expensive chicken tenders meal and tried to do the alien shooting ride, but the line was a lot longer than they had posted. We left about 15 minutes into the line and decided to head home and take break. What a great idea! It rained for our naps and then back to nice weather before we headed back out. We grabbed some yummy dinner at Sweet Tomatoes and then back to Disney. The first thing we did was buy her a Mickey/Minnie balloon. Yes, it was way overpriced, but so worth the money as it entertained her the rest of the night while riding in her stroller and waiting in lines. So worth it! The lines were a little better and we stuck to the area with the carousel, Snow White, and Dumbo. She liked each one and really did not want to get off. The lines were practically non-existent around 7:50 because everyone is getting a seat for the parade. We had a few things in mind that we wanted to buy her and decided to pick them up right before the parade started. We got her a set of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figures, except Daisy, and they are supposed to be for the bath, but I am not going to tell her that. We got her some Minnie Mouse ears in the headband version, and a nice picture frame with everyone, but Daisy. I am going to get a good picture when we go back to Magic Kingdom in December to put in the frame. We had a great time buying her things and made it right in time for the first float to go by with her favorite people. After they passed, she cared about nothing else and we left before the crowds.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I have always one to get one of these apples from Downtown Disney, but always opted for the cheaper caramel apple version. Well, since we are on vacation and of course, spluging a little, I got one. It is a caramel apple dipped in dark chocolate, covered in mini M&M's and then drizzled with white chocolate. There are so many different options to pick from and this one took me about 5 minutes to actually get to the apple part. Delicious! I don't think Rachel's teeth could handle this dessert.

I picked the particular place we are staying based on the water area. Rachel has had a blast playing in the two different water areas.

We went to Downtown Disney Sunday late morning and it was perfect. We tried to go last night, but it was so crowded that we just turned around and left. Not too many crowds today and we had a great time. The huge Disney store was great and we decided to get Rachel a t-shirt for her big day tomorrow to Magic Kingdom. I wanted a different shirt and Matt picked out the one she is wearing. Matt decided to ask Rachel which one she wanted and she picked his shirt. She wanted to wear the shirt instantly and we obliged. Right at the cash register, she got her new shirt on.

Matt and DJ took Rachel to Downtown Disney Saturday afternoon too while Beth, Lauren, and I went to the outlet malls. I guess she likes motorcycles.