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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Some New Pictures!

 For those of you wanting more/closer up pictures of Lily, here are a few for you. We got home from the hospital on Sunday and had my parents and the Lantz family over (they brought us dinner). By choice, I spent the day by myself with Rachel and Lily. Tuesday through Friday, my Mom took off work and helped me out a lot. We ran tons of errands and she helped me catch up on all of the laundry and some cleaning. I totally appreciate it and enjoyed her company and all of the sweets we ate! Despite all of those terrible foods we ate, I am only 11 pounds until my pre-pregnancy weight. I almost thought I might have gained something after our many ice cream outings. Lily is doing pretty good at night. She is sleeping between 3.5 and 4.5 hours straight at night and is usually good about going right back to sleep. She is definitely having more awake time during the day and is very good about all of our trips out. She is a sweet, snuggly, and content baby. Rachel is doing well with her, but we are trying very hard to make sure she gets enough attention too. She loves her sister and gets very excited when her eyes are open. We spent some time outside today and Rachel was flying high in her swing in the front yard.

 Rachel likes when Lily watches TV with her.

I am doing great and have been feeling really good, which was a lot different with how I felt with Rachel. I am adjusting again to how much time feeding a newborn takes, but thankfully she is a good eater (but kind of slow). Some friends are bringing us dinner tonight, so we will be grilling and then lighting a fire for some marshmallows. Don't worry, Lily will not be participating. I will try to be good about updating the blog more often now that I have something new and fun to take pictures of.

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